Who we are


30 years of experience

with automation, identification and access solutions.

Betronic was created in 1991 as a result of the ambition of a young and dynamic team. With an effective mastery of control and automation technology, we have evolved to create the most innovative solutions in this market segment and, today, almost 30 years later, occupy a leading position in the areas of electronic security, automation, management of large companies. spaces, access and image recognition

We are a family owned and operated business.

After a decade working, we are not satisfied with half victories or half truths, we remain unscathed and united to the motto of creating value and always with our eyes and mind oriented towards the expansion and Internationalization of our brand.

Our mission is to develop and improve our services. Betronic imposes on itself the most demanding quality standards, requirements required so that the solutions produced are efficient and integrable.
Betronic's exclusive analytical approach is based on the following principles: Innovation, Quality, Competitiveness and Reactivity.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In order to increase sustainability, Betronic will ceaselessly control and reduce costs; you will be proactively attentive to the latest technologies developed, in order to provide an impeccable quality service to our customers.
The skills are to share, build, develop and innovate.



We offer the most advanced technology of the 4th generation used worldwide to modernize smart areas.


Real-time access control products, using security systems
telepresence and IP voice answering systems.

Cost X benefit

Search for Cost x Benefit through the best applicable technology to prevent the need for short-term maintenance.


Execution of services in accordance with the rules for more safety during the work and after completion, in the client's day-to-day

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